How to stretch a canvas on a frame in few easy steps

Date: 05 April, 2021
Learn how to stretch a canvas on chassis the proper way, in few easy steps within 5 minutes, with video example, and save your money for your next artwork.

I noticed that many people have no idea how to mount a canvas on a frame (also referred as wooden stretcher or chassis) and go to a professional to do so. Save your time and money with this quick tutorial; there is really nothing to it. Here goes.


You will need the following items:

1. A beautiful painted canvas that you bought at Vietnam Paintings

2. The four frame uprights - AKA stretcher bars

3. A staple gun – or a hammer and upholstery nails

4. Tightening pliers (not absolutely necessary, but really handy)

Mounting a canvas on wooden stretchers


First, put the wooden frame uprights on the floor and assemble them to form a right angle.

Staple each angle once at 45 degrees with the chassis. Once done, unfold your canvas on a flat surface and adjust the borders of the painting with the frame. There is usually a two inches border on each side for mounting purpose.


The most important part to staple the canvas correctly is to respect the right order, to acquire an optimal tension. We start in the middle, then on the opposite side – see diagram. So, starting on any side, fold the canvas on the frame and staple it once or twice.

After that, stretch the canvas firmly from the opposite side, using the pliers of you have one, and staple it to maintain the tension – but not too much. Repeat this operation for the 2 other sides, then switch to the insides, following the order on the drawing above.

Once the canvas is properly stretched, fold the corners – cutting them if necessary – and staple them on the back of the chassis, like showed on the picture. Once it is all done, do not hesitate to add staples between the previous fixed area to solidify the whole artwork.


And here you go, your canvas is fixed on its stretchers, and you just have to hang it on the wall.


Check the following video that show you the whole process of mounting a canvas on a frame.

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