Cheap oil painting reproductions hand-painted on canvas

Date: 27 February, 2021
Cheap oil painting reproductions hand-painted on canvas in our studio in Vietnam - Fair prices, good quality for your artwork - Delivery within few weeks.

Cheap oil painting reproductions on canvas doesn't mean low quality.

In our case, we are taking advantage of a few things to offer you great prices.

  • We have been working and living in Vietnam for 25 years already - hence the website name. Everything here is cheaper compared to western country; labor, but as well equipment and supplies.
  • We have selected paintings that are, from our experience, not too complicated to reproduce, so we can save on processing time.
  • Our qualified personnel have dozens of years of experience in the field of painting reproductions. They know all the techniques that save time without compromising the quality of the artwork.

Buy stretchers for canvas with keys for your painting

We only send the canvas rolled in a tube because it is cheaper and safer. It is cheaper for you, as the shipping cost for a mounted painting from Vietnam will cost you too much, in regard of the canvas price. It is safer, as with a roll in a tube, there is quite no chance of having a shipping problem - we all know how shipping companies handle the packages carefully.

You can find a shop near your home who is selling these chassis (or stretchers) by clicking this link:

Find stretchers with keys on Google

Once you got them, you can easily mount them yourself; follow our guide for mounting your canvas.


The Cheapest modern canvas solution for a better price

We are using already prepped canvas for our painting reproductions. What is it?

In the past, before painting a canvas, it had to be prepared for painting by adding a gesso to the canvas - which basically is a layer of product which primes it to make sure the canvas does not absorb all the pigments of the paint.

Now we use a poly-cotton canvas that is already primed and ready to paint. It is extremely resistant, late longer than regular cotton canvas and as it is prepared already, we can paint straight on it, saving time, thus saving you money of the extra cost.

We buy paint locally to minimize cost too.

Our paint is one of the best brands in Asia and comes at a fraction of the price, for the same quality that what you can buy in your country. Where do you think big brands buy their pigments, anyway? That is right: here, in Asia. Except that they re-package it and quadruple the price.

By buying our paint directly at the source, we minimize the cost and keep it low, so you have to pay less for the same painting.

The quality and colors are the same - because it is - and it will last for centuries to come, as any paint do once dry. If told otherwise, you were lied to.

And that is how we can offer good and cheap oil painting reproductions hand-made without sacrificing the quality of the artwork.

A bit of saving here and there goes a long way to keep the prices low, for your benefits.

Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
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